Welcome to Critabianca. Located in the ancient and picturesque countryside of Cutrofiano, in Grecìa Salentina, Critabianca is a welcoming peaceful oasis in the centre of the lively land of Salento. Just a few kilometres away from Galatina, Gallipoli, Lecce and Otranto, our charming country house hotel is set strategically in the heart of Salento, near the territory’s main historical-cultural destinations, beaches, entertainment and shopping areas.

The history

The country house used to belong to Jean Goulart de Sauméry, regent of Castel del Monte during the Angioini period. It then became the summer country residence of rich middle-class families of the Bourbon 1700s, and in the late 1800s it became a farmhouse devoted to the production of tobacco…Critabianca is full of History.
With the authenticity and simple elegance typical of country houses, Critabianca invites you to experience Salento’s charming lifestyle in the heart of Galatina’s countryside, among olive trees and prickly pears, where the sunlight and the white glare of lime plastered walls blend together.